Mont Ivy Preschools | Whitefield, Bangalore

Teaching Method

  • Montessori Method
    Montessori method is a learning philosophy that augments the natural process of learning in a child. It is an activity based learning methodology which focuses on a child's all-round development. It encourages 'learning by doing' and lays special emphasis on developing independent thinking and fostering creativity.
    Sandpaper globe
  • World map and flags
  • church1
    Color tablets
  • church1
    Pink tower
  • church1
    Spindle box
  • church1
    Constructive triangles
  • church1
    Geometrical cabinet
  • church1
    Skip counting
  • church1
    Press-studs frame
  • church1
    Mixed age-group
* Unedited, actual photographs

The Montessori Classroom (~5 mins)

Montessori Vs. Conventional School (~6 mins)

What is Montessori? (~5 mins)

About Montessori (~5 mins)